Endoanal ultrasound is a medical test to check the muscles of the anus (sphincters). This test can identify abnormalities such as tears, fistulas, and masses in the area.

The examination involves inserting a rigid ultrasound probe through the anus, which the doctor will insert slowly. This probe has an ultrasound transducer built into its extremity that can cover, on a single plane, the entire circumference of the anal canal.

The examination time takes around 10 minutes.

It is generally not making pain and a well-tolerated, performed in clinic as outpatient basis without the need for analgesia or sedation usually no complications from this investigations. May be you will sense defecation when the prob insert inside anal canal and finish this sensation when prob removed.

When you finish examination you can continue your activities.

Endoanal Ultrasound is safe, accurate tolerable test.

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