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Our Team of professional experts, headed by Dr. Gehad, consists of highly qualified doctors committed to deliver quality healthcare using laser technology.




Dr. Gehad Al Masri graduated from a prestigious Medical University in Syria last 1997. attaining highest honor and awards, he further pursued his advance studies in several European countries.

Since then, He handled more than 50,000 ano-rectal diseases with highly satisfactory results. And because of his medical expertise and experience, He was the first surgeon in United Arab Emirates to offer hemorrhoids treatments using infrared ray and laser, which simplified the whole treatment process, because there is no need for a surgery. You just have to walk into our clinic, Dr. Jehad will examine your case and then after 10-15 minutes of treatment you can go home or go back to work.

Member of the International WHO’S WHO of Professionals

International WHO’S WHO of Professionals, the ultimate professional directory is proud to announce that Dr. Jehad Al Masri has been selected as an honored member of the ‘WHO’S WHO Historical Society for the Year 2005’.

Dr. Jehad clinic was announced as the first proctology clinic allover the world to get the JCI approval.  

Selection for inclusion in this organization and membership is a testament to the professional, academic and civic achievements of the member.

دكتورة دعد الطعاني



Dr. Daad graduated from Damascus Medical School in 2009. Then she obtained her master’s degree in general surgery, and she is a Syrian board-certified surgeon.

Upon graduation, she has worked as a general surgery specialist at Al Mouwasat University Hospital as a supervisor of medical students and surgery residents, and she worked in various private hospitals in her hometown, Syria. She is a member of the Syrian Association of general surgeons and has attended many conferences and completed many courses specialized in Advanced Anal Surgery.

Expertise & Interest:

Diagnosing and treating anorectal diseases using the cutting-edge technologies.
Wide experience in diagnosis and treatment the anorectal diseases, and breast diseases (early detection of breast cancer)
Skin and soft tissue masses and Hernia surgery.
Digestive & Laparoscope surgery.
Thyroid gland surgery.